James a. fitts, sr.
urbandale, iowa

"I have not touched any of my wife's belongings since she died 15 months ago. Janet came and sorted all my wife's things and bagged them for me in a highly organized and methodical way. She made easy for me what would have been a very, very difficult task, and arranged my wife's belongings for easy disposal. Her efficient and professional handling of this task was impressive to watch. I highly recommend her services for any entity that needs professional help in organizing and straightening out disarranged items. Thank you, Jan, for a job well done."

Betsy Peterson Designs
Perry, Iowa

“The Back Room of our storefront building was a jumble of construction tools and building materials from renovations in the front display space. We needed a complete reorganization it to make a working studio, business desk, and seating area, as well as an entry for the upstairs apartment. Fortunately, a friend referred us to Jan.

She came and assessed the space. The disorder did not intimidate her. She helped as we carried lumber, drywall, plaster buckets, and tools to a workroom in the basement, where she helped organize everything. This included a more functional layout with a divider for the apartment entry area, a desk for business paperwork, and a large studio work table. This made our space so much more than what it was.

Jan was very hard working in cleaning as well as lending her organizational expertise. She has an intuitive way of grouping like things together. She has great vision for creating usable spaces. And her thoughtful manner made it easier to throw away or give away many of the extras we no longer needed. She was never demanding but always working towards our goal—to clean and organize our building. Jan was the key to transforming our previously disorganized and cluttered space. She accomplished more than I could have expected. Thanks, Jan!!”